Policy for contributions

This website has no direct blog function. In order to post a contribution please send it to blacklivesmatter-zasb@unibas.ch. Due to this technical limitation, we invite you to make use of the social media such as the Facebook group University of Basel or Centre for African Studies Basel for immediate and short responses.

In order to post, you must be a member or former member of the University of Basel, or be related to the University of Basel in some other form, for instance as a prospective student. Your contribution will be handled by Carla Michelle Cruz, Pius Vögele and David Rentsch (student assistants in Urban Studies, African Studies and African History). If necessary they will consult with the two professors supervising the project (Kenny Cupers and Julia Tischler) and/or the team of the Executive Office of the Centre for African Studies (Pascal Schmid and Veit Arlt).

The topic of your post should relate to the University of Basel or to your experience as member of this university in the public sphere.

We will not post foul, derogatory or incendiary language.

The University’s rules on scientific integrity (cf. plagiarism) apply.

The content managing team (responsible: Prof. Julia Tischler, History and Prof. Kenny Cupers, Urban Studies) reserves the right to refuse posts that do not adhere to this policy, and may suggest edits.

The copyright and ethical responsibility of all texts published on this website lies with the author.

You may ask to have your post published anonymously, in which case we ask you to identify yourself in the most general way you see fit.

Please do not include names of third persons in your post. You may refer to the function (i.e. lecturer, fellow student, police officer, employee) of the person. Of course this does not apply where you reference the author of a published statement.

Please consider that this website is merely a platform for exchange. If you need support, advice, or wish to report an incident of racism at this University, please contact the desk for Personal Integrity.